A Red Penis Could BE Red Scrotum Syndrome

A red penis can be triggered by a series of elements, consisting of balanitis, jock itch and plain old inflammation from friction. There is another cause, thankfully unusual, that guys might have to think about, the aptly-named red scrotum syndrome. Even males who frequently practice excellent penis care might discover themselves with this undesirable condition.

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Exactly what it is

Red scrotum syndrome, in some cases called burning scrotum syndrome, is a persistent illness which has the tendency to impact guys over 50– although it has actually been discovered in males of much more youthful ages too. When a male has red scrotum syndrome, his scrotum (and generally the base of the penis) turn a brilliant shade of red. The inflammation is not normally accompanied by scaliness, however it is frequently related to a burning experience. The burning sensation can sometimes be really extreme.

In addition, the scrotum and impacted parts of the penis ended up being rather tender to the touch. Level of sensitivity is increased, frequently to an agonizing degree.

Red scrotum syndrome is categorized as a type of erythromelalgia (likewise called Mitchell’s illness), which is a vascular discomfort condition where capillary end up being obstructed, triggering swelling and swelling.


Red scrotum syndrome produces a considerable degree of pain in its victims. In addition to the burning and inflammation, lots of guys experience serious itching in the location. Since of the inflammation, scratching the itch can trigger discomfort. Relentless scratching might in turn cause skin peeling.

In some circumstances, the burning and inflammation are such that the touch of material versus the afflicted location can be agonizing. Whether outfitted or bare, sitting can be uneasy, as the scrotum rubs versus the male’s legs or the chair, and lots of guys with the condition have to sit near the front of a seat so that the balls can hang over and not touch anything.

While the red penis problem connected with the condition has the tendency to be included to the base, in many cases the inflammation does spread out throughout the penis. This likewise triggers substantial problems, due to burning, itching and inflammation.

Guy with red scrotum syndrome typically discover their sex lives decreased, particularly when the condition provides on big parts of the penis. The friction on the penis connected with sex can be too unpleasant for lots of; in turn, the motion of the scrotum throughout sexual intercourse and its contact with other body parts likewise leads to a greater degree of discomfort.


Exactly what triggers red scrotum syndrome? Medical professionals actually aren’t sure. Some elements which might be associated with activating this condition consist of making use of topical corticosteroids, fungal or bacterial infections, and sexually-transmitted infections.

With so little info on the causes, medical professionals are likewise in the dark on other problems, such as why it has the tendency to happen regularly in guys over 50. Some think that it might have something to do with hormone modifications due to aging, however there is absence of research study to examine this possibility.

Due to the fact that the cause is unidentified, some physicians advise that a guy with this condition avoid partner-based sex.


Physicians have the tendency to deal with the signs through familiar approaches such as moderate soaps and cleaning agents, anti-fungal medications and correct health. Sometimes, doxycycline might be suggested.